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XACC Tech Talk: Lucent (EPCC), Easy deployment, scaling and resource management of Alveo FPGA (InAccel) 16 December 2021
The Xilinx Adaptive Compute Clusters (XACC) program is a special initiative to support novel research in high-performance Adaptive Compute. The XACC Tech Talks are a series of virtual talks covering a broad range of topics related to Xilinx Adaptive Compute.

This session will consist of two talks:

Lucent: A language for developing application specific dataflow machines on FPGAs
Dr Nick Brown, EPCC, University of Edinburgh

Writing fast, high performance FPGA codes is difficult, even with HLS. However potentially we can learn from work done in the 1970s/1980s which studied programming general purpose dataflow machines, as the reconfigurability of FPGAs enable us to present the abstraction of dataflow machines which are specific to an application. In this talk I will describe Lucent, a modern version of the Lucid dataflow language, which targets Xilinx Alveo hardware and aims to empower the development of fast by construction dataflow codes on FPGAs.

Easy deployment, scaling and resource management of Alveo FPGA
Dr Chris Kachris, InAccel

In this talk we will present an easy way to deploy, scale and manage FPGA application on Alveo clusters such as XACC. InAccel will present the Coral resource manager that abstract away the FPGA resources for easy utilization and instant scaling of FPGA designs. It will also show how we managed to support multi-FPGA accelerators (such as FINN) using a custom InAccel runtime for synchronization between accelerators. Finally, we will show how Coral resource manager can be used for easier deployment of the Vitis AI and Vitis libraries.

Dec 16, 2021 04:00 PM in Zurich

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